Annie refuses to eat. Billy has gone to London in an attempt to get Annie out of bed and behind the bar. She feels betrayed and turns on the waterworks when Lucille says she has to go to work. Ena, returned from being with the Lomaxes in Hartlepool, is getting tired of the mess that Dolores leaves behind. Bet has flu so the Rovers is short-handed. Betty is furious to hear that Billy has gone on the advice of Dr. Mitchell. Tommy tricks Dirty Dick into signing a form for Dolores. Annie has four sleeping tablets left. Lucille summons Dr. Mitchell who tells Annie that it's no good moping over her errors. She asks for more sleeping tablets and he writes a prescription. Tommy "announces" Dick's plan to sell Dolores to the Weatherfield Slaughterhouse for £30 and shows the letter that Dick has signed as proof. Minnie starts the "Save Dolores Fund" to enable Tommy to buy Dolores off Dick but Maggie, still upset about Alf, refuses to allow a collection box in the Corner Shop. Annie pushes Lucille to collect the extra pills. Ena refuses to give to the fund. Lucille delivers a full bottle of tablets. Annie takes two of the tablets left in the first bottle. Tommy tells Dick they have £30 coming their way but refuses to say how. Betty disturbs Annie who in her drowsy state forgets she took two tablets and also takes the last two from the first bottle. Minnie tells a puzzled Dick that he's evil. Lucille finds Annie fast asleep and the empty bottle on the side. She thinks it's the one she fetched from the chemist and panics that Annie has taken an overdose.


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  • In the scene where Betty Turpin tries to talk to a drowsy Annie Walker, both characters look direct into the camera , emphasising the latter's semi-catatonic state.
  • TV Times synopsis: In which Lucille jumps to conclusions
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,700,000 homes (6th place).

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Tommy Deakin: "I'm afraid Mrs Sharples here doesn't share our enthusiasm for the cause, Mrs Caldwell."
Minnie Caldwell: "Oh, she's always been very funny when it comes to our dumb friends."
Ena Sharples: "Look, I've got enough dumb friends round me without taking on any more."

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