Norma decides to ask Ken for private lessons in English Literature. Rita tells Len that her landlady Lena Norris has told her that she can't have men visitors after 9pm. Albert takes to his bed with his old war wound. Maggie worries that Norma is setting herself up for heartbreak. Jerry warns Len that Rita has given up a lot for him and hasn't gotten much back. Ken agrees to teach Norma for 50p an hour and gets her to keep Albert company in exchange. Ray takes Mandy Taylor out and she spends all his money. Len gets rid of Jerry to entertain Rita at No.9. Jerry decides he wants a relationship with Norma and puts on his best suit to ask her out. Norma dresses up for her first lesson. Ena shows Bet how to crochet. Jerry interrupts Len and Rita just as they get amorous on the sofa.


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Ena Sharples: “What are you making?”
Bet Lynch: “A frock. Do you think it's a bit ambitious for a first try?”
Ena Sharples: “Oh, no. The length you wear them another three rows on that and you'll have done the skirt.”

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