Having got rid of Jerry, Len and Rita start cuddling on the sofa. Ray interrupts them to borrow money off Len to take Mandy out. Jerry asks Ken for private History lessons, believing that Norma is studying the same subject. When Ken tells him he's tutoring Norma in English Literature, Jerry changes his request accordingly. Jerry gatecrashes Len and Rita's night again to collect his pen and notepad. He is soon followed by Ray, who abandoned his date as he found Mandy too hard to keep up with. Len pays him to go to the Rovers. Norma is annoyed that Ken has taken Jerry on as well. Len sets up a rota so he can have time alone with Rita at No.9. Ray and Jerry are miffed that they each get one evening a week while Len gets two. Ena sees right away that Norma is after Ken when she calls at No.1. Norma and Jerry agree to share one of the books for the lessons as the library has only one copy. The lads get the contract to finish Benny's flat in his absence, and Ray arranges to entertain Sharon Duffy there. Annie enters the Rovers in the Pub Olympics when she hears the press will be covering the event.


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