Ray and Len make fun of Jerry's attempts at education. Doing work on Benny Lewis's flat, Ray uses the phone to ring Sharon Duffy and arranges to meet her later there. Bet sees in the paper that Johnny Owens of the Flying Horse is boasting that he's a beer-drinking champion. Stan agrees to challenge him at the Pub Olympics and starts his training. Ena is cynical about Norma's studying. As Ken can't use No.1 for the next lesson, Maggie suggests using the flat. A pleased Norma plans to "forget" to tell Jerry. Emily is bored and feels cut off from the community. Bet sets up Ray for the Pub Olympics at crib and he agrees to spy on the opposing team. Ena and Minnie interrupt Jerry studying Keats in the snug. Ken tells Jerry about the change of venue. Ena drops hints to Ken as to why Jerry is so keen to study. Dressed to the nines in Benny's smoking jacket, Ray entertains an impressed Sharon in "his" luxury pad. Norma is a bit put out when Jerry arrives for the lesson. He tries to proposition her but loses his nerve. Ray tells Sharon lies when she spots that his smoking jacket has a "B" on it. Ernie agrees to captain the Rovers team, hearing that his only duty is to get Stan to the Flying Horse on time. Emily is pleased until she hears that it's on 18th October - her birthday - and Ernie seems to have forgotten it. Sharon spots a photo in the flat of Benny in Ray's jacket. He talks himself out of it and takes her to a club. Stan tells Len that a book has started on him beating Johnny Owens. Len tells Bet that he's going to bet against him and nobble him.


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Ray Langton: "James Bond? There's a role that's suited to my many talents."

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