Episode 1226
Production code P694/226
ITV transmission date 16th October 1972 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
Tony Perrin
Writer Leslie Duxbury
Designer Ed Buziak
Director Nick Burrell-Davis
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Producer Eric Prytherch
Previous episode 11th October 1972
Next episode 18th October 1972


No one shows up at the Community Centre for Ernie's training session. With twenty-four hours to go, Ray and Len start to ply Stan with beer. Jerry is depressed. Norma insists to Maggie that she never led Jerry on and teases her about seeing Alf. Ernie gets bad tempered with Emily at the lack of attendance. Only Ken turns up and that's to say that Albert is dropping out at dominoes as he's ill. Ena agrees to take his place for free drinks. Ray finds out from a besotted Sharon that his crib opponent plays the game expertly. Hilda and Ernie get annoyed at Stan's constant drinking. Jerry packs up the lessons. Ken asks Norma to persuade him to think again. Maggie and Alf find Jacko advertising with a sandwich board at a shopping centre. Alf tells Billy that Jacko will be calling at the Rovers that night. Ray and Len con Alf into taking Ray's place at crib. Jerry is short with Norma when she passes on Ken's message. Norma is pleased when Jacko calls round. Emily and Ernie call at the Flying Horse and see their teams all practising their games. Sharon tells customer Franny Slater that Ray has a posh flat. Jacko calls in at the Rovers and gets a round on the house but nothing more from Annie, Billy or Betty. Maggie offers Jacko a room at the Corner Shop and he offers to take Alf's place at crib. Stan is paralytic and next morning dreadfully hungover. Len and Ray are delighted that they can't lose their bet.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Billy Walker: "Can you imagine Malcolm Allison letting somebody else taking over Rodney Marsh's training?"
Ernest Bishop: "Well then, I'm not a boxing manager, am I?"

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