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Episode 122
Production code P228/122
ITV transmission date 12th February 1962 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Vince Powell
Editor John Finch
Writer Robert Holles
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Richard Everitt
Producer Derek Granger
Previous episode 7th February 1962
Next episode 14th February 1962


The "Ex-student slams neighbours" story appears in the paper:

"Kenneth Barlow, 24-year old schoolmaster of 3, Coronation Street jeered at the simple pleasures of his homely neighbours in a scathing 2,000 word attack in the left wing political review Survival. Summing up the attitude of the people he lives and works among, Barlow described them as 'lazy-minded, politically ignorant, starved of a real culture and stubbornly prejudiced against any advance in human insight, and scientific progress' ".

Len and Harry grow very angry over the article. Frank rows with Ken, ashamed of his disloyalty to his class. He tells Ken he can't write any more articles. Harry wants to write complaining to the papers but Len feels it would do no good. Elsie feels the article was well-written but warns Ken that Len is after him. Len insults Ken to Frank and refuses to apologise causing Frank almost to fight him in the Street. Ken realises he'll have to stand up to the residents. When he tries to put across his view point in the Rovers, Len hits him and they brawl across the pub, Ken being knocked out.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit




Notable dialogueEdit

Len Fairclough (about Ken Barlow): "He might be a walkin', flamin' dictionary, but 'e 'asn't the guts of a louse."


Len Fairclough (to Ken): "Look, if there's one thing wrong with Coronation Street it's because it sometimes throws up nasty, snivelling, clever dicks like you"

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