Hilda tells Stan that she's caught up with Patterson and told him about Jacko. Lucille tells Bet she can't bring herself to tell Concepta about Sean. Norma is shocked when Patterson comes into the Rovers looking for Jacko as he wants to take him to the station for questioning. She begs him not to walk him out in front of everyone. He agrees and waits in the car for him. Norma breaks down after she's passed the message on. Patterson interviews Jacko at the shop and insists on searching the premises. Ray comes into the Rovers but Len refuses to have a drink with him. The next morning, Jacko tells Norma the truth about getting the £30 from Freddie Slack. She's shocked to hear that some of his past sentences were for crimes he didn't commit. Concepta asks Lucille for her blessing and to be her bridesmaid. She tells her how lonely she's been since Harry died and how much she needs a man to cling on to. Lucille happily gives her blessing. Len gives Benny his flat key back. Len tells Ray he wants an end to their partnership. When he accuses Ray of the robbery, they go for each other and Jerry has to separate them. He threatens to leave if Ray goes. Alan and Jimmy Frazer enter into a 50/50 partnership. Concepta and Sean go back to Ireland. Patterson arrests Jacko and takes him away. Norma breaks down. Rita tells Len he won't have time to run the yard and be a councillor. She makes him buy Ray and Jerry a drink. Frazer starts to crack the whip with Alan threatening long working hours.


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