Len and Ray start working uneasily again together. Jimmy Frazer starts to put pressure on Alan to take more work on. Elsie tells Jimmy she's not happy about the way the partnership is working. With Maggie in London, Norma asks Lucille to work in the Corner Shop. Annie tells Norma to accept the facts and not believe too strongly in Jacko. She plans to visit him in Risley Remand Centre. Jerry offers to finish off Benny's work as a form of apology but is told that Henderson's have got the job. Elsie tells Len her fears about Alan working with Jimmy. Len doesn't believe her until his van repair is put off for a week because of other work. A depressed Norma comes back from Risley and she takes her anger out on Ray, putting the blame on him. She as quickly apologises. Jimmy asks Benny to go into partnership with him at a new club venture. Len puts in for a plumbing job in Scarborough. Ray sees a chance to get himself back in favour if he does a good job in the yard in his absence. Rita tells a worried Elsie about the night club deal. Ken gives Norma an English lesson. They discuss To Kill a Mockingbird and Ken takes issue when Norma suggests he gave up his children too easily. Jimmy asks Alan to a meeting to discuss the club deal and to bring Elsie along. Norma persuades Ken to take up the fight for Jacko's innocence.


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