Benny feels life is looking up with the new business venture. He gets Rita to support him in a meeting to discuss terms with Jimmy and Alan. Len tells Ray he can't have the Scarborough job. Ken and Norma question Benny about the break-in again but he doesn't want to get involved and suggests they speak to Ray as he used the flat to chase Sharon Duffy. Jerry tells Ken £5,000 was taken; way out of Jacko's league. With the borough coming to an end, Mayor Alderman Chapman meets privately with Alderman Rogers at Heaton Park to discuss who will be the final Mayor of the Weatherfield County Borough Council. The Mayor wants to cast out the parties by electing an independent. Jimmy, Alan and Elsie join Rita and Benny. Jimmy and Benny agree to be equal partners in the new club venture with Alan looking after Jimmy's interests in his absence. Elsie is wary of Jimmy as he dodges her questions about the club. Ray tells Ken and Norma that before Sharon left she bought a load of new clothes. Rogers and the Mayor decide the new Mayor will either be Len or Alf as the suitable independents on the council and they decide to observe them both very closely to see who's most suitable to the honour.


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