Elsie hopes Alan knows what he's doing getting involved with Jimmy Frazer. Hilda suggests Benny names the club "The Capricorn" and puts herself forward as the cleaner. Alan goes for a business lunch with Jimmy at The Vine and cancels an appointment with Elsie to do so. She follows him there and catches him, Jimmy and two floozies - Deirdre Hunt and her friend Annie drinking there together. Rita decides to take the job of hostess at the Club, keeping on the Betting Shop as well. Deirdre leaves just as Elsie arrives and starts quizzing her. Ken starts looking for Sharon Duffy. Jacko struggles to recount the night of the robbery and remembers that the car was a blue Cortina which had psychedelic transfers on the door panels. Ken gets help from Alan as he sells second-hand cars. Elsie fears Jimmy is treating Alan like a leg-man. Alan tells her she doesn't know the first thing about running a business. Stan finds out Benny will be interviewing dolly birds in his flat and tells Billy. Mayor Harold Chapman tells Len he's in for a chance of being the next Mayor of Weatherfield and tells him to look out for a suitable Mayoress, insinuating that Rita doesn't cut the mustard.


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Hilda Ogden: “Plenty of experience, honest and hardworking, and a great believer in punctuation.”


Hilda Ogden: "Next thing you know, it'll be drugs - LSD and cannibals."

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