Episode 123
Production code P228/123
ITV transmission date 14th February 1962 (Wednesday)
Stories by Vince Powell
Harry Driver
Editor John Finch
Writer Jack Rosenthal
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Richard Everitt
Producer Derek Granger
Previous episode 12th February 1962
Next episode 19th February 1962


Ken has concussion from a cut on his head from the fight. He reassures Frank that he doesn't want to leave him. The residents are bothered by sightseers and Frank is snubbed by Florrie's customers. Harry is offered a lot of money for Lucky Lolita. The Banner newspaper gets in contact with Ken and asks him to write articles on "Life in a typical Northern town" for 180 guineas. Frank thinks Ken should write the articles for the money. Mr. Fanakapan, the landlord, is stirred into action by the article and offers to do all improvements to the houses himself. Harry and Len refuse to believe the article inspired him. Ken decides not to write the articles, but when Len thinks he's not doing them because he's had enough trouble Ken changes his mind.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



  • TV Times synopsis: Kenneth slowly recovers from the uproar of the previous evening and decides to stick by what he believes. As things begin to settle down, the other residents of the Street learn that getting into the headlines can also make for unexpected results.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,114,000 homes (1st place).
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