Annie is furious with Hilda's slapdash work at the Rovers and that Billy is now paying her 60p an hour. Len pushes for Alan to fix his van and tells Alf he and Rita have split up. He wants the Mayor to know while he's in Scarborough. Bet warns Norma that she gets a ready-made family if she takes up with Ken. Likewise, Albert warns Ken that Norma has set her sights on him. Billy and Ernie talk about doing something at the Rovers for Christmas. Annie asks Stan to have a word with Hilda about her work but she refuses. Ena tells Ernie he can't get out of organising something for Christmas at the Community Centre, even if he is already committed to doing the same for the Rovers. Len asks Elsie to be his Mayoress if he's made Mayor. She suggests he sends Ray to Scarborough so he can make sure of being Mayor. Albert dumps a load of ironing on Norma. Ray refuses to go to Scarborough. Hilda agrees to do the washing-up at The Capricorn club for £1.50 a night - her fifth job. Ernie suggests a disco at the Community Centre for Christmas. Ena and Albert aren't impressed. Alf tells Len he's running for the Mayor as well. Stan considers retirement and living off Hilda's money. Len realises he has to go to Scarborough himself. Elsie tells him that she'll be his lookout. Rita notices how much Alan is drinking at the club.


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