Stan does all the housework quite happily. Hilda is proud of him. Alan tries to make Elsie see there's nothing between him and Rita. He tells her he's scared that he's losing her. Albert tells Ken he has to sort Norma out. Emily agrees to Ena singing The White Cliffs of Dover not knowing that Ernie has told Annie she can sing it. Hilda buys a moving oil lamp, and electric tongs for the house. Stan spends his money on drink and neither of them have enough for the housekeeping. The Bishops get Ena and Annie together, hoping one of them will choose another song but they want the Bishops to decide. Alan refuses to give Hilda a sub as Rita isn't happy with her work. Hilda insinuates that Alan is seeing Rita and is sacked by Alan. Hilda reveals she signed up for a fridge on Hire Purchase. Ken reads a poem to Norma to make her see what he thinks of her but is interrupted half-way through, leaving Norma with the wrong impression. Maggie overhears Hilda telling Stan about Alan having a fancy piece.


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Alan Howard: "You're a trouble maker Hilda. Mean, loose-mouthed."


Hilda Ogden: “The way I look at it, if you're doing three jobs at once, you've got to conservate yerself, yer a long time gay.”

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