Maggie tells Elsie that Hilda is gossiping about Alan. Ernie sweet talks Annie into singing There'll Always Be an England at the 40's night. Hilda tells Elsie she was sacked because she knew too much about Alan and Rita. Norma excitedly tells Emily that she won't be alone this Christmas. Ken is annoyed when Emily congratulates him and Norma. He meets Norma and reads her the full-length poem:

To talk with you, to walk, your hand in mine,
Through well remembered woods,
And watch the sunlight searching through the trees,
To find Your eyes,
Such are the pleasures of my life.
To be with you, to feel your thoughts unspoken meet with mine,
And lead our lips and eager hands to mutual delights,
These are my pleasures too.
But doubts arise, to miss those woods and cloud those eyes,
For without love all pleasures die,
And soon the last remaining pleasure is goodbye.

Norma realises it's over. They agree to be friends but Norma breaks down in the ginnel, unaware that Jerry has seen her. Elsie decides to ask Rita what's going on. Norma tells Emily she was joking about her and Ken. Rita tells Elsie there's nothing between Alan and her - it's the booze she's got to worry about.


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