Ken goes to Glasgow to visit Peter and Susan and Ena goes to West Hartlepool to visit Karen, Colin, and Jason Lomax for Christmas Day. Elsie realises that Alan is on his way to getting a drink problem. The residents gather in the select of the Rovers for the 40's show:

Billy as Master of Ceremonies
Alf and Ernie as the Western Brothers
Rita as Marlene Dietrich
Annie sings "There'll Always Be an England", dressed as Britannia
Ray and Jerry as Flanagan and Allen sing "Underneath the Arches"
Norma, Bet and Betty as the Andrew Sisters sing "Apple Blossom Time"
Albert as Robb Wilton
Emily as Carmen Miranda

At the Community Centre, a young woman called Christine Peters puzzles Minnie and Emily as she talks fondly of baby Jason Lomax and describes him well, having never met him.


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