Jerry takes Norma to see Jacko on Boxing Day. Emily is convinced Christine Peters knows something about Jason Lomax's disappearance in September but Ernie convinces her there will be a simple explanation for her knowing so much about Jason. Christine gives Minnie a pair of mittens to pass on to Jason. Minnie notices a photograph of Jason in Christine's handbag. Hearing that Minnie received a bottle of scotch from the Howards, Albert gives them socks but Elsie only gives him a box of tissues. Cyril tells Betty that Mrs Regan's benefit is being cut because it is suspected she is co-habiting with a window cleaner - Stan. Betty tells Billy and before long the entire Rovers knows. Alan rows with Elsie for giving Minnie their last bottle of scotch. Minnie tells Emily about Christine coming to see her. Alf informs Stan of the gossip about him. Stan realises with horror that he'll have to tell Hilda before she finds out from someone else.


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