New Year's Day. Stan tries to find out what "co-habiting" means. Betty grows suspicious of Christine Peters drinking alone in the Rovers. Mrs Regan tells Stan she doesn't want him coming round for a couple of weeks. Betty tells Emily that Christine was asking her about Jason's disappearance. Alf dons a bowler hat and poses as an investigator as the residents kid Stan that the Social Security people are after him. Emily visits Christine's sister, Jean Cooper, who denies knowledge of Christine, whilst hiding her. Jean tells Christine not to go out without her again. Stan confesses to Hilda about Mrs Regan, Hilda believes him as he obviously isn't living with someone else, but she makes him promise not to see her again. Albert wears a beret to mark the UK entering the Common Market. Stan tells Emily that he saw Christine at her sister's house while on his round and that she's doolally.


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Hilda Ogden: “Wouldn't be a bad idea if we could all hibernate all through the winter, you know like tortoises.”

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