Bet wonders what odds Benny Lewis is offering on either Len or Alf being the new Mayor of Weatherfield-to-be. Annie is pleased that it will reflect well on the Street. They also wonder who will be the new Mayoress. Annie decides to hold a small party for the victor and runner-up that night. Norma and Jacko go to Blackpool for a few day's break. Rita feigns indifference at the news of Len's return. Alan staggers home drunk to an empty house and no dinner in the oven. Len returns, complaining to Jerry and Ray about how hard the work in Scarborough was. The Town Hall summons him. He rings Rita before he goes but gets no reply. Elsie walks in to find a pan burning on the stove and Alan sozzled on the sofa. She rips into him. Maggie is delighted for Alf when he calls into the Corner Shop and tells her that he's the new Mayor. He asks her to be his new Mayoress. She's thrown by the question and asks for time to think about it. Hilda comes into the shop and is the second to know. Alan sobers up and apologises to Elsie but spoils the effect when he gets the bottle out again. Hilda tells Annie and Bet the news. They worry how Len will take the news. Jerry prepares a celebration cake and bottles for Len's celebration. Len comes home and tells him and Ray that he lost. He has no hard feelings and insists they all go to Annie's party which begins in the Rovers' back room. Elsie warns Alan that they don't want to stay late. Len arrives and makes a speech and toast to Alf. Alf announces he has chosen Len as his Deputy Mayor. He accepts but leaves early, asking Jerry to tell Rita he has a drink ready for her at No.9. There, he awaits her arrival.


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Bet Lynch (about Alf Roberts): "I'll bet he looked pompous in his pram."

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