Reporter Clive Shawcross investigates Albert's plight. Hilda is all too happy to tell him a local firm of plumbers might be responsible. Jerry hides away as he blames himself. Billy pushes Bet and Betty too hard at the Rovers. He teases them by saying he's considering becoming a figurehead. Ernie and Emily Bishop are concerned about the low attendance figures at the centre and call a meeting to get ideas from the public. They're dismayed when nobody turns up for it. Len and Ray try to protect Jerry but Jerry tells Clive that he installed the cooker. Minnie, Hilda, Ted Loftus and Mrs Toft join the Bishops at the meeting. Based on their suggestions, the Bishops decide to start creative writing and formation dancing at the centre. Bet and Betty picket the pumps to teach Billy a lesson. He backs down. Clive's story carries the headline "Nosy Neighbour Saves Pensioner" and carries a quote from Hilda. The neighbours blame Hilda for gossiping about the plumbing. News reaches Ken that Beattie Pearson is arriving. Ken reveals the leak was from the old cooker pipe; it wasn't sealed properly.


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