Dennis buys a jacket for Lucky Lolita and plans to have it embroidered with her name. Elsie refuses to carry out the task. Harry runs around after Concepta but she doesn't like being treated like an invalid. Harry is conscious of the fact that he'll be sixty by the time the child is grown up. He hopes it'll be a boy. Minnie asks Ena for ten shillings towards the housekeeping. Ena refuses as the sum is all she has to her name. Minnie decides to write to a letter to the mission chairman, Mr. Baxter, asking for Ena's reinstatement. Martha realises Ena is hard up when she complains about Florrie's prices. She suggests that Ena ask the committee for her job back but Ena would rather starve. Minnie agrees to embroider Lucky's jacket when Dennis offers to write the letter to Mr. Baxter. Annie encourages Concepta to enjoy being spoiled while it lasts; Harry will soon get fed up doing all the chores. Albert writes to Mr. Baxter giving his job up and suggesting Ena as his replacement. Concepta enjoys having Harry cater to her every whim. Lucky races again. Concepta is alarmed when Len puts £10 on the dog, unaware that Harry has bet £5 rather than the 5/- they agreed on. Dennis tells Elsie it's a safe bet and convinces her to bet her £10 holiday money. Minnie puts on 1/- and wishes Lucky success when the race begins. Lucky comes in last. Dennis hides from Elsie in the Rovers only for his mum to emerge from the ladies toilets and ask how much she won. She works out what's happened when he dodges the question. Dragging him home, Elsie promises Dennis that he'll wish he'd never been born when she's done with him...


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