Norma rows with Beattie Pearson over her weekly £5 from Jerry, saying it's blood money. Ena agrees with Norma that Albert is probably behind it but refuses to tackle him. Ken tells Rita that Vincent Baxter, the children's officer, has been asking him about Terry Bates but he didn't give her away. He threatened anyone involved with six-month imprisonment or £100 fine or both. The photograph has arrived at No.11 but Alan's not in it. Albert tells Norma he knows nothing about the money and asks her to send Jerry round tonight. At Lucille's suggestion, Elsie shows the photo to Len. He shows her that he has the same tattoo and explains it's the number of the Chief Petty Officer's daughter, Lil, but he refuses to say more. Rita asks Len to come round. Len tells Alan that Elsie and Lucille know about the number but he span them a tale. Len tells Rita he can't help her with the trouble she's in and persuades her to call Mr Baxter. Terry is taken away with no stain on Rita's character. She breaks down and Len comforts her. Albert tells Jerry to keep his money; they'll be no compensation claim as he's suffered more than him. Albert demands the £5-a-week claim paper off Beattie. She is disgusted. They row and she packs to leave. Alan tells Elsie and Lucille that Pompey Lil was a cipher expert who had to be sent urgent messages. They're not convinced. Ken is delighted to see Beattie leave. Len gets a letter saying that CORGI are sending an inspector round. Rita gives up The Capricorn. Maggie gets a telegram - "lover boy" is arriving tomorrow: she is baffled.


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