With Elsie away at Linda's, Annie worries about Lucille being in No.11 with Alan. Rita enquires about jobs at the warehouse. Maggie is embarrassed when Norma asks customers if they're "lover boy". CORGI clears the Yard over the gas leak. Annie has Billy's bedroom decorated by Fairclough and Langton to get him to stay at No.11 as well. Ray insists they get to decorate the public as well to make it worth their while. Mike Ritchie arrives at the shop from the States. He is someone who Maggie had a romantic attachment with some years before. Maggie is happy to see him. Billy plans a wild night at No.11 with girlfriend Julie Quinn and asks her to bring a friend for Alan. He persuades Lucille to stay with Lorraine Binks for the night. The hotels are booked up so Annie takes Mike in for the night, horrifying Lucille who says Maggie has a date with Alf so that leaves Mike alone with Annie. Out of concern for Annie, she returns to the Rovers. Billy entertains Julie but, sensing trouble, Alan is not delighted to meet her friend - Deirdre Hunt.


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