Ray and Len gate-crash the party at No.11 having heard the sounds from next door. Ray meets Deirdre and gets her to ring for more of her girlfriends. Norma and Jerry enjoy a drink with Mike Ritchie. Deirdre's friend, Carol Wyatt joins the party and dances with Ray. A tipsy Deirdre bores Alan. As the party warms up, Rita and Mike Ritchie arrive. Ray rings for Bet to join them to dance with Mike. Bet feigns a headache and Annie lets her go early. Alan can't shake off Deirdre as the others dance around him. Annie feels Lucille is being over-protective. Len and Rita declare their love for each other but she warns him not to treat her like a mug in future. He gives her money to treat herself and they kiss. Alan despairs as Deirdre gets more and more drunk. Annie and Lucille settle their differences with each other. Norma lets Jerry read Ken's poem and they agree that they're good friends. Maggie decides not to tell Alf about Mike. Everyone leaves the party at 2.00am with Mike sleeping on the back room floor. Billy rings Lucille and gets her to tell Annie that Mike's staying the night with a friend in Bury. Unknown to Alan, Deirdre crashes out on Lucille's bed.


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