Bet and Betty are forced to decorate the Rovers' living room. With Hilda away at Archie Crabtree's, Annie advertises for a temporary cleaner. Alf is pleased that Mike has returned to the States and expects to walk back into Maggie's life. Albert snubs Beattie over Easter due to what happened with Jerry. Ken returns from Scotland. Alf is surprised when Maggie refuses to go out with him tonight - or any other night. He doesn't know what he's done. Norma tells Len that Maggie blames Alf for Mike leaving. Alf's old headmaster Herbert James congratulates him on becoming Mayor. While in the area, he seeks out his old friends - Minnie and Albert. Albert is annoyed by him boasting of his fitness. Emily blames Rita when she goes to the wrong Deanswood Drive to follow up an order. She admonishes Rita when she sees paperwork pertaining to the Camera Shop sprawled on a table at the Rovers. Retiring Mayoress Ethel Bostock arrives at the Rovers while Annie is away shopping. Len tells Alf about Mike's woman in Wichita and asks Elsie to tell Maggie to put Alf in the clear. Herbert plans to go on a walking trip in the country and tries to get Albert interested. Alf starts to tell Maggie about the widow but she snappily cuts him off before he can get the message across. Norma tells Annie that a woman has answered the job advert. Annie returns to the Rovers and mistakes Ethel for the cleaner come for an interview.


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