Annie tries to patch over her embarrassment but Ethel Bostock is too down to Earth to mind and tells Annie she used to be a char. Annie's regard for her predecessor drops but she remains polite. When Herbert James talks of walking the Pennine Way - all 270 miles of it - Albert tells him that he'll do it as well. Ken thinks he won't survive it. Elsie tells Maggie that Mike returned to the States for a woman and not because of Alf. Annie is alarmed when Ethel recognises Minnie from the Over 60s club and talks about how glad she is that Annie is working class. Alf is dismayed when Maggie continues to snub him, telling him that he still tried to interfere in her life. Albert feels he has something to prove as he pulled out of a swimming race against Herbert when they were at school after pulling a muscle. Ena tells Ken that it was actually because his mother threatened to leather him - she was there. Emily tells Rita that her photograph orders were cancelled as she got them from the husbands and the wives didn't want them. Norma finds a mouse in the storeroom of the Corner Shop. Annie doesn't think much of Ethel. Alf sticks up for her, telling Annie that she's done more in her year as Mayoress than any other in recent memory. Ken asks Herbert to talk Albert out of doing the walk. Herbert tells him it won't be necessary - on the slim chance that Albert shows up, he won't last four miles. Knowing how stubborn his uncle can be, Ken doesn't share Herbert's confidence...


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Albert Tatlock: "You never stop having to prove yourself. Not if you're a man. Not until you're dead."


Annie Walker (about Ethel Bostock): “Can you honestly see her regaling visiting Royalty with anecdotes of her life as a char in Weatherfield?”

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