The residents prepare for a Manchester Festival day party at the Community Centre and in the street. Emily thinks the hall tables should be placed outside but Ernie disagrees, citing the weather. Betty and Hilda wonder what’s in the letter on the bar. Annie finds it and reads that Billy has gone to London to look for work there. Rita takes Terry Bates out for the day. Alf fetches Annie to officially open the party. Ena isn’t pleased to hear that Ken and Faye-Marie have gone out together. A children’s merry-go-round, a barrel organ, candy floss and other attractions have been set up in the street. Under questioning from Annie, Alan admits that he turned Billy down for a job after discussing it with Elsie. Alf tells Annie not to worry about Billy, or that what happened will affect her office. Annie asks Elsie if Billy was turned down due to their fall-out and makes it clear that she blames them for what’s happened. An angry Elsie snaps back that Billy is just a failure. A strong man entertains the children in the street. Ken agrees to take Faye-Marie to Platt Fields Park to see the statue of Abraham Lincoln. Ena isn’t pleased. Alf and Annie open the Festival Day and Annie gives a speech. Ken and Faye-Marie see the statue. Ray and Len enjoy having their picture taken with Miss Weatherfield. Faye-Marie makes it clear to Ken that she finds her life with Tom to be limited. Ena gives tea to Alf and Annie. She’s silent when Ken brings Faye-Marie back, realising that she’s after him. Minnie advises her to let well alone but she refuses.


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