Episode 1295
Production code P694/295
ITV transmission date 13th June 1973 (Wednesday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Kay McManus
Harry Driver
Writer H.V. Kershaw
Designer Ed Buziak
Director Quentin Lawrence
Producer Eric Prytherch
Previous episode 11th June 1973
Next episode 18th June 1973


Mavis starts work at the Kabin and hides the girly magazines out of view. Rita demands they be displayed again. Jerry makes excuses to call in as a customer. Rita tells Len all but one customer has cancelled their order for Pig Producers' Monthly. Glyn gives Betty an hour off to attend the Community Centre’s dance class. She, Bet and Hilda are taken with his charm. Ray collects his pools money off a hard-up Stan. Albert complains what state the hall floor will look like after the dance lesson. Glyn gets Ernie to send the dancers over to the Rovers afterwards. Deirdre, Ray and Jerry eat in the Kabin’s new café. Rita is puzzled when another customer asks for Pig Producers' Monthly, asking if Walter Biddulph has had trouble getting his supplies from Denmark. Glyn has plans for enlarging the Public into the Select and asks Len for a quote. Albert overhears and gets Norma to find out what he’s up to, not convinced that Annie’s giving up the pub permanently. Stan is happy for Ted to dance with Hilda but worries that it’ll cost him a lot for new dresses for her. Len tells Glyn he can get the job done quickly if he wants them to. Glyn tells Norma that he’s only going to make recommendations to Annie when she comes back. Muriel brings her champion dancers to put on a display for the pupils. A policeman calls into the Kabin and tells Len and Rita that Biddulph was selling porn and they realise what the Pig Producers' Monthly cover was for. The pupils are impressed with the champion dancers. Albert tries to complain to Glyn but gets nowhere. Glyn drops a hint to Bet that Annie might not want to come back. Hilda sees a lot of money in Stan's tea cup but danger from a dark man.


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