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Episode 129 (7th March 1962)

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Episode 129
Production code P228/129
ITV transmission date 7th March 1962 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Vince Powell
Editor John Finch
Writer Jack Rosenthal
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Christopher McMaster
Producer Derek Granger
Previous episode 5th March 1962
Next episode 12th March 1962


Dennis sells more tickets than seats and the concert is over-booked. Ena discovers that the performers, the "Blue Streak Rockets", were banned and the police tell them they cannot perform. The Walkers go to a Brewery Dance, planning to stay the night in a plush hotel. Ena locks the piano lid but Minnie opens it with a hair pin. She entertains the audience of four hundred with constant renditions of Goodbye, Dolly Gray. Captain Johnson and his troupe break down but send the sealions, Bunny and Sherry on. Dennis has to cancel the concert, causing an uproar. Ena gets drunk with the Rockets. Dennis is stuck with the Rockets and sealions for the night. He gets the Rovers' key off Concepta and installs them in the pub. The Walkers return home to find sealions in the bath and the Rockets in their bed.


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