Ray gets annoyed at comments made at him by Betty. Hilda tells Stan she's no longer ashamed of him and thinks Ray could have picked up the money from the sideboard when he called into No.13. Stan worries that he couldn't convince anyone of that story with his "honest" face. Ken thinks Ray's putting on an act and he'll pay up at the last moment but Elsie disagrees and threatens trouble. Betty rings Annie about the problems in the Rovers but she's not interested. Betty thinks it might be right that she's not be coming back. Elsie tries to stir Alan into action over the money but he's not bothered. Ray impatiently waits for the papers to see how much his winnings are, anticipating £50,000. Jerry warns him he'll lose everyone's friendship. Stan is surprised when the other syndicate members are friendly with him. Bet tells him he's in the same boat as them. Alf, Maggie and Alf disagree over how they would like to see the Rovers change. Bernard Fox calls into the pub with Renee Delafonte to say that "the organ" will be delivered that night. The papers arrive. Ray is livid to see that his winnings are only £300. The electric organ arrives and is set up in the select. Fox persuades Glyn Thomas to employ Renee to play it. The regulars aren't impressed. News spreads of the low win but Bet and Elsie still want their share. Ray arrives in the pub denying that he owes anyone anything but he wants an end to the arguing. They retire to the select, throwing Glyn, Bernard and Renee out, and hold a meeting. Stan won't take part in it. Ray insists he wasn't given the stake money and agrees to pay Alan and Bet £75 each but nothing for Stan. Stan confesses he didn't give Ray the money. Elsie suddenly feels sorry for Stan. The regulars can't understand why Annie hasn't come back to sort matters in the pub out. Bet is followed home by someone in the dark.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Will Ray pay the pools winner - or won't he?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,050,000 homes (7th place).

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Stan Ogden: "Bad luck's a mate of mine, in't it?"

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