Episode 1303
Production code P694/303
ITV transmission date 11th July 1973 (Wednesday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Harry Driver
Writer Bernard Aspen
Designer Ed Buziak
Director Alan Grint
Producer Eric Prytherch
Previous episode 9th July 1973
Next episode 16th July 1973


Ena confronts Annie about her future plans, having been informed by Lucille. Annie admits she's leaving the Rovers but she isn't ready to tell people yet. Lucille is unapologetic for breaking Annie's confidence; she hoped Ena would change her mind. The police suspect Stan of mugging Bet before going to Jackson's as he can't account for his movements immediately beforehand. Bet is sure her attacker had a smaller stature. She tells Alf that Norman Leach threatened her over the cheque but assures him she never told the police about the blackmail. Ena starts a petition to make Annie stay. Stan tells Det-Sgt Brewster that no one saw him walking to Jackson's but - away from Hilda's ears - admits that he was with Clara Regan. Glyn Thomas plans to keep longer licencing hours when he's made landlord of the Rovers and hints at staff changes. Alf is annoyed that Annie didn't tell him about her plans. Clive Shawcross collects the residents' views on how muggers should be dealt with. Ena, Len, Lucille, Minnie, Hilda, Emily, Ernest and Albert descend on Annie before she goes to the brewery and present her with the petition, which has 46 names on it. Ray arrives and delivers an opposing view - he thinks Glyn has given the Rovers the shake-up it needed even though he doesn't like him. Annie is very touched by the petition and tells Patrick Ridley she's staying on. Lucille admits to Ena that she added the Howards' names. The Gazette reports on the mugging but the photos of the residents who offered their views are mixed up; Lucille is described as a 73-year-old widow while Albert is furious as his photo accompanies Ken's liberal viewpoint. Annie buys everyone drinks and announces that she's staying. Glyn is made landlord of a new hotel in Runcorn New Town. In front of Hilda, Brewster tells Stan that Clara Regan has confirmed his alibi and he's in the clear. The police tell Bet that Norman Leach's mother has provided an alibi for him but she is sure it was him.


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