Alf confides in Maggie but she is upset he didn't tell her about Bet in the first place. He feared she'd see Bet as the other woman. She's glad she didn't agree to be his Mayoress. Bet's handbag is recovered with everything still in it. It had been tossed over a wall in the ginnels. The police realise that Bet was targeted by her attacker. Annie thanks Elsie for signing the petition and buys her a drink, unaware that Lucille forged her name. Ena gets to Elsie before the truth emerges and prevents any ill-feeling. The vicar gives Ernie a budgie to get rid of as it has started using rude words. Elsie receives a phone call which upsets her and she refuses to tell Alan about it. Alan realises something is wrong when gets the budgie for her and she reacts angrily. He lets Mavis have it. Annie apologises to Alf for leaving him in the lurch and promises she'll be the ideal Mayoress from now on. Rita feels that she's not happy in her relationship - she wants something more permanent. Alan tries to find out what's wrong with Elsie; she feigns a headache. Maggie thinks she was too tough on Alf. Alf tells Annie all about Norman Leach and the blackmail before going to the police station.


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