Elsie is still unconscious in a London hospital. WPC Tomlin circulates her description to the local missing persons lists to find out who she is but there are no matches. Sheila continues to cover for Elsie, saying she has food poisoning. Lucille gets the truth out of her that Elsie isn't with her in Sheffield. Ken discovers Elaine Perkins is involved with a Liberal politician. Lucille tells Len that Elsie is missing, he advises her not to say anything to Alan. Lucille tells lies to Alan and tells him Elsie is unwell in Sheffield. In the morning, she discovers Alan has gone to Sheffield.


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  • The credits at the end of this episode use a black font instead of the usual white.
  • TV Times synopsis: Lucille tells a big lie - but will she get away with it?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,300,000 homes (1st place).
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