Alan waits by Elsie's bedside, waiting for a sign of recovery. Sister Delaney is unable to help him when he enquires who identified Elsie. Ken dons very casual romantic clothes to impress Elaine Perkins. Alan rings Maggie and tells her about Elsie’s accident and where she was found. She passes on the news to Ena, Minnie and Norma. Ena wonders what Elsie was up to in London. Ken lets on to Hilda that he’s looking for a flat of his own. Alf sells Ken some tickets to the Russian ballet. Minnie tells the Rovers regulars about Elsie’s news. Hilda also wonders what she was doing in London instead of Sheffield. Elsie starts to mumble about "Dennis", alarming Alan who thinks she means Dennis Maxwell. Ken takes Elaine out for a pub lunch and asks her to help him look for a flat. Len and Maggie worry about Dennis Maxwell and his possible involvement in Elsie being in London. Nurse Whittaker confirms to Alan that the man who identified Elsie was Dennis. Upset, he walks out of the hospital. Ken and Elaine go looking at flats in Didsbury. He asks her to see the ballet with him. Elsie comes round after four days but Alan is in a bar getting drunk. Ken goes back to Perkin’s house and is invited to stay for his supper. Maggie organises a whip round for flowers for Elsie but Hilda refuses to contribute. Elsie starts to get frantic at Alan’s whereabouts. Sister Delaney tells her she’s been talking about Dennis. Alf asks Annie to join him in the role of Mayoress to visit a Russian concert. He worries about the impending court case and resolves to resign. A friend of Elaine’s, Tim, asks her to go to Brussels and she agrees. Worried whether the friend is a lover or a friend, Ken declares his own love to her.


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