Alan doesn't like the way Elsie and Lucille constantly nick his cigarettes. Emily organises a draw for free OAP holidays in Llandudno donated by landladies in that area. After finding out about Ken going to Glasgow from someone else, Rita tries to find out more from Albert, who makes it clear that he doesn't like her. Deirdre has decided that she doesn't suit glasses and had contact lenses fitted. Norma wishes that she was stronger with men, like Rita. Emily carries out the draw in the Rovers. Minnie and Mrs Toft win holidays but Albert demands that the tickets are checked to make sure his was present in the tin. Emily checks the tin and, to everyone's astonishment, his ticket isn't there. Albert shouts at Emily and accuses her of leaving his name out deliberately, causing her to become hysterical. The residents stick up for Emily and Minnie calls Albert a bully. Ernie nominates Annie as arbiter and she regretfully declares the draw invalid and chooses to run it again. This time Mrs Toft wins again, as do Ena and Albert but Minnie loses. Deirdre loses a lens in the Yard office and makes Ray and Jerry take their shoes off before coming in. Ernie feels embarrassed as he has to ask Minnie to fill in for Ena at the centre while she's on holiday. Alan doesn't buy cigarettes so that Elsie will have to buy a packet herself. Ray tells Jerry that they're still waiting on £2,000 from Weatherfield Plastics and they haven't much work on next week.


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Emily Bishop (to Albert Tatlock): “The draw will take place in the Rovers at lunchtime. I might be there myself, then again I might have run screaming down the central reservation of the M6 brandishing a spear.”

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