Episode 1323
Production code P694/323
ITV transmission date 19th September 1973 (Wednesday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Harry Driver
Writer Kay McManus
Designer Ed Buziak
Director Quentin Lawrence
Producer Eric Prytherch
Previous episode 17th September 1973
Next episode 24th September 1973


Albert gets Emily and Minnie to pack for his two-week holiday in Llandudno. Upon hearing that he has to share a room with Cyril Fairhurst, Albert decides he's not going and tears up his ticket. Jerry gets in touch with Dobson Swales to pursue a contract to convert an old house. Elsie tells Alan that being in hospital has made her realise how lucky she is. Bob Fawcett, Dobson Swales' contract manager, turns up at the Yard while Deirdre is in sole occupancy. He's annoyed that Deirdre is preoccupied with finding her missing lens on the office floor but after a chat and some cheese sandwiches he gets a torch from his car to help her look, successfully locating the lens. Ernie and Emily are stuck on how to handle Albert, unaware that he's decided to go after all and not told them. Len writes to Rita from Charleville. Albert gets Minnie to call his hotel with a list of demands. Afterwards, she tells the Bishops, who are annoyed that Albert kept them in the dark. Bob Fawcett gives the job to Fairclough and Langton after being charmed by Deirdre. As Albert leaves for Llandudno, Emily has a large gin to celebrate the fact that he's now somebody else's problem. Ken writes to say he's returning from Glasgow. Alan works out that the Street's residents spend £8 a week per household on cigarettes. He feels that if they all saved the money they could buy a villa in Majorca to use between them.


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