Alan starts the no-smoking syndicate. Ken returns from Glasgow and wants to bring Susan and Peter back as soon as he's found a new mother for them. Deirdre, Bet, Lucille, Alf, Ray and the Ogdens attend the Howards' syndicate meeting. Hilda is taken with the idea of owning a villa in Majorca but has a job persuading Stan to give up smoking. Deirdre doesn't join the syndicate but everyone else does, as do Rita and Betty. Ken discovers Janet Reid working in the department of education when he rings up for a supply teacher and she agrees to a date. She doesn't mind meeting up at the Rovers, considering her past exploits in Coronation Street as water under the bridge. Deirdre is annoyed when Ray chats up Tricia Hopkins when she and her friend Lindsay Mather call into the Rovers for a drink. Feeling her attempt to improve her appearance was wasted, Deirdre puts her glasses back on. Stan wants to back out of the syndicate in order to continue smoking but Hilda makes him stay. Alan catches Elsie smoking. Rita runs into Ken in the Rovers and reminds him that he stood her up when he went to Glasgow. He realises that Albert didn't pass on his message. She's prepared to overlook it if they go out tonight but he goes off with Janet instead. The Howards walk in and Elsie sees Janet for the first time in two years.


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