Episode 1328
Production code P694/328
ITV transmission date 8th October 1973 (Monday)
Stories by Peter Tonkinson
Bernard Aspen
Harry Driver
Writer Brian Finch
Designer Ed Buziak
Director Bill Gilmour
Producer Eric Prytherch
Previous episode 3rd October 1973
Next episode 10th October 1973


Ray carries his arm in a sling. Rita starts wondering what people really think of her but decides not to mope. She is happy that Len defended her honour and opens his present from France - an expensive necklace. Len and Janet are polite to each other when they meet at the Corner Shop. He starts to come round over Deirdre when she types up his report on the French trip in her own time. Minnie receives a postcard from Ena in Wales. She is therefore surprised to see Ena back in the Street - she returned a week early, to get away from Albert. Mavis tries on Rita's necklace and can't get it off. Len looks around for Ken to ask him about Rita. Rita reveals to Ray that she heard him talking about her. She shows her contempt for him. The Howards have gone to Newcastle for two weeks. Minnie refuses to release the keys for the centre to Ena as she's enjoying being stand-in caretaker and wants to complete the two weeks she was asked to do. Ken surprises everyone by seeking Len out for himself. Everyone expects a fight when Ken tackles Len in the Rovers.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit




  • The customer in The Kabin who calls up to Mavis when she is in the flat trying to get the necklace off is uncredited.
  • TV Times synopsis: Len is spoiling for another fight - and Minnie's giving Ena the "third degree".
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,050,000 homes (4th place).

Notable dialogueEdit

Rita Littlewood (to Ray Langton): "By eck, yer a boot-faced beggar aren't yer?"

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