Annie fusses over Jack, convinced that he's seriously ill. Jack gets tired of arguing with her and lets his wife run around after him. Len thinks he's lied to Annie and tells Harry he's putting it on. Harry looks for Dennis to get him to exercise Lucky Lolita but Elsie tells him he's gone to London to help Lenny Phillips open a new office. Jack angers Annie by refusing to stay in bed. Len is impressed that he's had Annie so completely fooled and congratulates him on the deception. Jack puts Len and Harry in the picture and they back up his story that Dr. Graham said there was nothing wrong with him. Annie doesn't believe them and thinks the men are banding together. Frank lets it slip to Concepta that Harry plans to sell Lucky if she wins her next race. Albert can't find his recipe for a herbal remedy for Jack. Minnie makes up ipecacuanha wine for him. Len saves Jack from having to drink it by telling Minnie that he isn't allowed liquids. Jack considers going back to the doctors and making Annie believe it was Dr. Graham's idea to kid her on. Minnie is puzzled by the sight of him having a beer with Harry. Jack is alarmed when Concepta tells him that Annie has gone to see Dr. Graham to find out the truth.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Jack protests that there is nothing wrong with him. But Annie is convinced he is keeping the truth from her and decides that there is only one way to find out for herself. Lucky Lolita's loss of form again divides the Hewitt household.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,344,000 homes (2nd place).
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