Ray’s resolve not to smoke starts to waiver. Stan claims that not smoking is making him feel dizzy. Hilda doesn’t believe him until Rita kids on that she’s feeling the same and Hilda starts to worry about Stan being up ladders all day. Janet lends Ken her mini to bring Peter and Susan down from Scotland. She avoids questions about the children from the residents and when they arrive takes them to the park alone to get to know them. Peter makes himself ill though after eating two of her puddings and she has to bring him home. David Spencer, the VAT man, tells Len the Yard has to pay £204.60 VAT on the plastics job although they haven't been paid yet the £2,000 owing to them by that firm yet. Len is livid.


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Annie Walker: "The Ogdens are rather like a crossword. One can enjoy oneself working out what they mean, but it's such a dreadful waste of time."

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