Janet and Ken got married in Janet's home town of Keswick on the way back from Scotland. Ken follows her suggestion of breaking the news to Albert himself. At No.1, he finds the table set for four, Albert having assumed that he had brought the twins back with him due to Ken mentioning "us" in his telegram. When he realises he was mistaken, Albert guesses that Ken has married Janet. Ken walks out when Albert criticises him for marrying in secret. Dr. Mitchell checks over Ena and reveals she has had a mild heart attack. Minnie moves her into No.5. Jerry visits the yard's supplier. Ken has to talk Albert round to the idea that he is married. He tells him he's facing up to things now. Janet wins him round. Ena feels weak and is overwhelmed by everyone's kindness. Len stops Rita selling fireworks to Mark Hillkirk and bans him and his friends from the shop. Ken lets Albert tell people about him getting married - if they ask. He ends up announcing it in the Rovers after dropping hints which nobody picks up on. Ena tells Minnie she had another attack in Wales - that's why she left. Dr. Mitchell clears it with Emily for Ena to take a few weeks off and suggests she goes to St. Anne's. Len can't believe that Ken married Janet. Jerry discovers the suppliers aren't allowing the yard credit. The VAT still want their £200, and if they don't pay it could mean prison. Emily announces a communal bonfire for the children and asks for contributions. Ena refuses to go to St. Anne's, preferring to die in the Street.


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