Stan prepares for Rene Dubois' arrival but worries that Hilda will find out. Len reminds him that he tried to get out of it so Hilda can't be mad at him. Alf is annoyed that Annie is away visiting Joan when she's needed. Emily is stunned to hear Stan is getting a woman and fears it will make the Sunday papers. Janet wants a house but Ken will only go up to £8,000. Stan is landed with lorry driver Rene. Mark Hillkirk has to have plastic surgery. The Bishops' Frenchman, Charles Follette, speaks no English. Stan and Rene get on like brothers. Janet wears Ken down until he agrees to see the house she's interested in. Betty can't stay at the Rovers with Marcel Lebeque because of Cyril. Bet too refuses but changes her mind when she meets him at the shop and discovers he's good looking. She causes a stir by leading him into the Rovers and upstairs.


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Ken Barlow: “I know that I've been doing things, or rather not doing things, for far too long. Even I can see the things that I should have done. I don't know, I think I'm just lazy, I let my life treacle by me.”
Ray Langton (about Stan Ogden): “I dunno, you pull that fella's leg and it comes off in yer flippin' 'and.”

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