The residents wonder at Janet's big plans. Ernie puts his foot in it by telling Annie about Cyril stopping Betty looking after Marcel Lebeque at the Rovers in her absence. Ray and Len go to court. They refuse legal representation. Albert visits Mark Hillkirk in hospital. When Len speaks out of turn, Judge Carson asks Ray to give evidence instead. He admits their accountant and solicitor advised them to pay up. Ernie slips up and reveals to Annie about Marcus staying at No.13. Janet doesn't factor the twins into her plans. Mr Geddes, putting the case for Customs and Excise, tells the judge that they lose twice if Len and Ray don't pay as Weatherfield Plastics reclaimed the VAT amount. Ray calls it a bad law. Jerry fears the firm is about to go under. The judge adjourns the case because of a development.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Len and Ray fight their case in court - and Albert fights a battle on the counterpane…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,300,000 homes (8th place).

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Albert Tatlock (to Jerry Booth): “Take it from me lad, there aren't enough principles knocking around today for any of 'em to be stupid.”
Albert Tatlock: “Soldiers don't start wars, they only finish 'em.”

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