Hilda finds a postcard from Rene Dubois and thinks Stan has had a woman in. Janet wants the house and goes to see it with Emily when Ken stalls. Alf reveals Len has gone indefinitely. Albert doesn't know how he'll pay the rent when the Barlows leave. The residents tell Hilda that Rene was a man. She doesn't believe them and accuses Ernie of covering for Stan when he says he doesn't have the photos yet. Ray tells Jerry he's leaving. Jerry and Deirdre are left to fire themselves. Jerry pays Deirdre's last wage using his own money. Ernie has a new rabbit called Samuel. Jerry tells Mavis he's leaving too as he has nothing left. She tells him to fight back. Hilda decides to go to the Town Hall to protest against the morals of the Charleville mob. Annie shows her the pictures in the paper, proving Rene was a man. Betty suggests Albert marries Minnie if Ken leaves. Janet wants the house for a birthday present. Deirdre persuades Jerry they can make a go of it together - "Booth and Hunt".


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