The Ogdens meet their daughter-in-law Polly. She is shocked to meet them. They learn that Trevor is now an estate agent. Albert plays Santa at the kids' Christmas party at the Community Centre. Len returns. Trevor told Polly his parents were dead. The Ogdens discover they have a grandson, Damian. Ena disappears with the Centre keys so the children can't have any presents. She says she forgot the committee room was locked. Jerry refuses to let Len just walk back into the Yard now it is a success. Deirdre backs him up. Trevor is not happy and Stan suspects he came by his wealth dishonestly.


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Ena Sharples: "You make the past sound like a fairy land Minnie Caldwell"


Minnie Caldwell (about Ena Sharples): "Take no notice Mrs Bishop, she's that way out today, like she has been every day of her life."

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