Lucille returns from Lorraine Binks's as the Howards are due back. Rita is fed up at The Kabin on her own; no one has answered her advertisement for an assistant. Alan returns without Elsie. Rita takes on sixteen-year-old Christopher Cullen but isn't sure she's doing the right thing. Alan tells Lucille they're settling in Newcastle. He plans to sell the Canal Garage and give up the tenancy of No.11. Lucille looks for somewhere to live and refuses to consider the Rovers. Hilda considers giving up charring to become Rita's assistant to prove her worth to Trevor. Ken and Janet are looking at houses in Derbyshire. Albert suggests they take out the tenancy on No.11. Len approves of Chris as he can double up as a paper boy. Wormold gives the Barlows first refusal. Lucille asks Ken if she can have their spare room but Ken needs it for the twins. Chris asks Rita personal questions, making her feel very uncomfortable. Janet insists that she's leaving Coronation Street when the Barlows move out of No.1. Alan tells Ken the house will be rented fully furnished. Chris makes advances to Rita when they close up for the night. She makes him realise it wouldn't work and he leaves for good. Janet is won round by the furniture as it means they can live cheaply and save for somewhere better. Ken makes plans to move Peter and Susan in.


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