Hilda applies to be Rita's assistant. Stan advises her to go easy on the makeup as Rita will see her as competition. Lucille wants to leave the Betting Shop and asks Rita to take her on. Rita agrees to hire her without an interview. When Hilda protests, Len insists they both have trials, sure that Hilda will fail however she proves her worth with her initial customers and gains Len's approval when she generously laces Len's tea with whisky. Douglas Wormold wants £7 a week for No.11. The Barlows take it. Wormold buys the Howards' furniture so that he can let the house furnished. Alan sells the garage but doesn't tell anyone who he sold it to. Lucille gives up her job at the Betting Shop and asks Alan if she can live with them in Newcastle but they want to break all ties. She moves back in with Lorraine. Stan bodges things up for Hilda when she gives him money to spend in the shop in a carefully prepared scene to show Rita how efficient she is. Instead Stan spends it in the Rovers and rolls up drunk to The Kabin where he giggles and says he's forgotten what Hilda told him to say. Lucille gets the job instead. Stan tells Hilda it's her own fault for leaving him in a pub with £3. Alan is suspicious about Wormold renting the house to the Barlows furnished which means it can be easier for him to quickly evict tenants. Len confirms Alan's suspicions that the street is down for redevelopment.


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Rita Littlewood (to Lucille Hewitt): “You know, I couldn't imagine working with Hilda Ogden. Heck, you said that loudspeaker gets on your nerves, I reckon she'd give it an inferiority complex.”

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