The Barlows install themselves at No.11. Janet doesn't like Elsie's taste in decor or furniture. Douglas Wormold is the frontman for the London development buying up properties although the plans haven't yet been approved. Len favours the development as he owns three properties in the area. Maggie tells Alf she plans to enlarge the shop - knocking into the storeroom and making it self-service. Alf worries about Maggie's plans because the shop could be demolished but, as the development is confidential, he can only caution her due to the expense. Billy returns as Alan has offered him first refusal on the Canal Garage. Annie worries that he has returned to ask for money. He denies it but doesn't tell her about the garage. Maggie gets an architect in - an old friend of Gordon's - who tells her it'll cost over £1,000. Hilda sees him and guesses that Maggie is having the shop done up. Janet wants to start having friends over for dinner now that she and Ken have their own home. Billy checks with Len that Alan isn't trying to fleece him. Betty finds a wad of £2,000 in cash in Billy's case.


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Janet Barlow: "It must be nice to go round buying up all sorts of places at the drop of a hat. Like the bloke that owns this one. What's his name again? Keep forgetting. It's unusual."
Ken Barlow: "Wormold. It's a name that's often struck terror into this street".


Annie Walker: "No one expects loyalty from the working classes today - just bad backs".

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