Betty tells Bet about Billy's £2,000. They wonder why he hasn't told anyone. The Barlows plan to entertain Ken's colleague, George Hawthorn and wife. Hilda puts herself forward as an assistant for Maggie when she expands the shop. Alan has a cash offer from Douglas Wormold for the Canal Garage. Len advises Billy to go after the garage to get a bigger profit from Wormold himself. He does so and buys it. Maggie pays £45 for the shop plans. Annie worries about where Billy got the money from and wonders why Wormold wants to buy a garage. The Barlows give Elsie's painting of the green girl to Hilda, hating it themselves. Hilda thinks it's classy. Maggie asks Len to do the conversion but he tells her to forget the idea. She realises he knows something. The Barlows' guests don't arrive as their babysitter has let them down so they have a candlelit dinner to themselves. Billy gives Annie the £200 he owed her. Betty takes a phone call for Billy that man is after him for an Alfa Romeo that he sold him. Billy is unconcerned but Annie overhears and begins to worry.


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