Janet invites her friends round for a meal. Annie questions Billy who reveals he sold a man a second-hand Alfa Romeo for £1,100 and passed it off as new when the buyer insisted on a new car for the cheap and unreasonable price. Maggie tells Betty she's shelved the expansion plans. Douglas Wormold alarms Rita by turning up at The Kabin. Ena returns from St. Anne's. Billy agrees to do Deirdre's bike up if she'll do his typing. Wormold offers Len £5,000 for The Kabin - £1,000 more than it's worth - and wonders how he'll vote in the forthcoming committee meeting. Alf doesn't think the plans will go through as they don't have enough support. Albert annoys Janet by interrupting her dinner party. Maggie is annoyed that Alf didn't tell her about the shop before Len and snubs him when he tries to buy her a drink. Ken doesn't like the snobby Barretts. Len celebrates when Wormold writes Rita a down payment cheque of £1,000 but she rips it up; the shop's in her name and she's not selling.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Len gets an offer he can't refuse, but finds Rita has other ideas…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,700,000 homes (6th place).


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Annie Walker: "I wonder why it is that people round here always assume that if anyone returns from London they must be doing so because of some mysterious failure?"


Bet Lynch (about Annie Walker): "You know, when she sweeps past me like that I don't know whether to stand to attention or fire a fifteen gun salute."

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