Rita realises Len is desperate to sell The Kabin and wonders why. Ken takes Philip Barrett to the Rovers and learns that he wants children Jill is against them. Jill doesn't envy Janet having to raise someone else's kids. Janet admits she isn't looking forward to having the twins down and likes Jill's suggestion of sending them to boarding school although she knows Ken won't like it. Annie sees something pass between Len and Douglas Wormold and wonders if Len is taking backhanders. Wormold tells Rita he wants the Kabin for redevelopment and Len knows all about it. He tries to sweeten the deal by offering to fix her up with a new job but she still turns him down. Ken feels sorry for Philip being married to Jill. Wormold makes an offer for the garage. Len admits to Rita that the whole area is coming down. She thinks he's still holding something back from her. Ken arranges for Peter and Susan to start at Bessie Street School after half-term. Rita tells Maggie, Ena, Billy, Annie and Betty about the redevelopment.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Janet lets her hair down to a friend, and Rita blows the gaff on the development scheme…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,850,000 homes (5th place).
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